Cook Islands Weather

Cook Islands Beach

Located right in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean, the Cook Islands enjoy a beautifully warm, tropical climate all year round. The months from May to October are slightly cooler and experience temperatures ranging from 22 - 28°C while in the warmer months from November to April temperatures reach 26 - 30°C with more humidity. Most of the rainfall occurs over the warmer summer months in the form of storms in the afternoons.

When it comes to visiting the Cook Islands, there really is no ‘bad’ time. The weather is wonderful year round and the warmer months are cooled by brief afternoon showers that provide a welcome relief from the heat. The balmy climate of this island hideaway is responsible for its lush flora and fauna and its crystal blue waters are that much more enjoyable with the warm, sunny conditions.

The Cook Islands are in the same time zone as Hawaii and the climate is very much the same. Many elderly visitors claim it is just like Hawaii before the resorts and major redevelopments. The Northern Islands group consist of flat coral atolls closer to the equator and are sparsely populated, while the Southern Islands group are made from volcanic activity and quite hilly and have more vegetation and wildlife.

Cook Islands Weather and Climate Chart (Avg temps and rainfall)

MonthAv Max CAv Min CRainfall mm